Thrills on Wheels: How to Have the Perfect Family Cycling Adventure

Weekends are to families what a fallen morsel of bread is to an army of ants- they’re both something keenly looked forward to.   After a long and tiring work or school week, all parents and kids can think about is a much-needed respite.  If spending hours at the mall no longer sounds appealing to you, why not try doing something different together as a family- like cycling?  If the idea of cycling is totally alien to you, here are some tips on how to have an awesome time cycling with the family:

Safety comes first

Before anything else, make sure yours and the kids’ bikes are safe to ride on.  If you hardly know anything about bikes, have an expert do a safety check on your wheels before you hit the road.  The brakes should work, of course.  Comfort is also important.  The height of the bike should be proportional to your height, and suspension has to be sufficient, in order to cushion the blow when you hit bumps on the road. 

Choose the proper gear   

If you wear the right kind of cycling gear, you can be sure that you’re both safe and comfortable as you ride your bike.  Wear a helmet, and be sure to have arm and leg coverage with protection from the harmful rays of the sun.  The Clymb is a good store where you can find pretty much anything and everything you need to stay safe- and fashionable- as you cycle.

Plan where to cycle

Ask around for nearby biking trails.  If you happen to be beginners, choose trails which are pretty easy to traverse.  Since you’ll be cycling with kids, choose bike routes where no cars pass by or those with low traffic.  Cycling along the countryside is a good idea.

Go slow

Remember, it’s not a race.  You’re not battling it out in a triathlon.  Cycling with the family is all about adventure.  So take time as you pedal.  Take in all the sights and sounds around you.  Bask in the beauty of nature at its most pristine form.  Talk to your kids about old buildings you see, for instance.  They’ll realize that learning can be so much fun.

Cycling is an adventure which gives you the chance to explore places which you never before thought existed.  Together with the kids, you discover new things about your surroundings, and develop an appreciation for the simpler things in life.  Cycling is also an activity which helps you burn calories as you spend quality time with the kids.  What can possible be better than that?

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  1. Biking is one enjoyable outdoor activity that my family love. It is a muss to ensure safety especially for the kids.

  2. My family really loves to bike! WE have not done that now that we are back in the Philippines so hopefully we could do that again when the rainy season's over!

  3. My daughter had a bike which was given by my mother-in-law. She loves riding into her bike just inside our home. She still practicing and I hope we can go biking together soon.

  4. It's been a loooong time since we went biking as a family. :P The terrain here in Baguio is just not suitable for a relaxing biking get together. :P But we do plan to run as a family soon. :P It's kind of the same, minus the bike. :P hehe

  5. Haven't try tis yet becaus ekids are still lil but soon would love to

  6. Oh how I miss biking. My husband and I used to go on long bike rides and it was my way of working out. Him and I talked about going on a bike trip. Like leaving our vehicle somewhere safe and just take off from their on our bikes and travel. He used to do that with his sister and sometimes on his own. :) I am excited for the day my kids can go biking with us. :)

  7. i wish my kids gets bigger already. this would be a great family bonding.


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