Unique Flooring Choices: Limestone Tiles

Limestone-Tiles via tiles(dot)ie

When it comes to flooring materials, there are several choices that you can make depending on your budget and the design you have in mind. One of the most common yet pricey options is the granite tile and the marble comes in next. But the growing popularity of limestone tiles now makes it the preferred choice for both residential and commercial flooring needs. You will notice that more and more establishments have turned to limestone tiles due to its durability and low maintenance qualities. Apart from this, it also give any space that clean and healthy feel because of its anti-bacterial capability.

For home flooring, limestone is a classy, ideal choice and will suit both grand and simple home decoration. It is welcoming and admirable especially when patterned artistically. You can find limestone tiles that are honed, polished or highly polished textures to blend beautifully in any room décor. One admirable property limestone is it’s being temperate independent. You don’t have to worry about it expanding or shrinking with every shift of temperature around it. It will stay in shape after you have installed it. You will be surprised to see that limestone tiles are like glass tiles for they do not absorb water to moisture. With simple cleaning and scrubbing you can bring back its shine and aesthetic appeal. 

Photo credits: tiles.ie


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