A Good Mattress: We All Need Some Support

Emma Sleeping

It used to be that only a new mother would find the topic of sleep endlessly fascinating—the way a hungry person might obsessively ponder their next meal—but nowadays sleep, and the elusiveness of a good night’s rest, is a hot topic. 

In a world where we are often up late tapping away on our laptops with the television on in the background, it’s easy to forget about the importance of sleep.  We have a coffee when we should have chamomile tea and we sit hunched in an uncomfortable chair when we should be stretching and relaxing. Then we finally head to the mattress seeking sleep, but our bodies are still jazzed up from the endless distractions of the day.

The importance of a healthy diet and a comfortable mattress to a good night’s rest cannot be overstated.  By now we are pretty clear on how what we eat and drink influences our overall well-being, but very few people even think about the mattress they rest their bodies on up to 10 hours a day. Researchers have found that higher dopamine levels are associated with sleepless nights; this can encourage addictive and impulsive behaviour and can even cause people to struggle with basic decision-making.

There seems to be a trend towards couples sleeping in separate beds due to a desire for undisturbed sleep, but with so many high-quality mattresses available out there can we not still share? Surely if we look at overall health we should start with where we lay our heads and what we put in our bodies before resorting to separate sleeping quarters. In short, a good mattress can improve the quality of our lives.

We can really have it all when it comes to mattresses so take the time to look around, prioritize comfort and health and treat yourself to the support your body deserves!

Image by MarchieCTID used under creative commons licence


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