5 Business Services You Never Thought You Needed Until Now

If you’ve just started out in business, or are still relatively small in size, you don’t need to have all your services provided internally. The advantage of outsourcing your business services is that you can shop around for expertise and high-quality skills, without the commitment and complication of employing extra staff. Here are five unusual business services that you may not have thought you needed, until now.

A Recruitment Agency

A recruitment company may seem like overkill if you are in the start-up stages of your business, with only a handful of staff. But the quality of your staff will make or break your company, and it takes a special kind of employee to thrive in a start-up or small business environment. 

Recruitment agencies specialise in finding these niche talents, so they can save you an awful lot of hassle and heartache.

A Private Investigator

If you’re not operating through a recruitment agency or human resources professional, you may wish to enlist a private investigator to conduct background checks on prospective employees. You may also want to research your suppliers or even customers, particularly if you are providing them with account credit or sensitive information. 

A Serviced Office

If you’re a small business with skeleton staff, the last thing you want to worry about at the end of a long week is cleaning the office. That’s why a serviced office can be very convenient; just move in and forget about it, while someone else looks after the cleaning, maintenance, and security. Corporate House is one company that provides such services.

A Virtual Assistant

Can’t afford a personal assistant but drowning in your emails? A virtual assistant may be for you! Virtual assistants (VAs) provide services remotely, from all around the world. In this digital age, there are very few tasks they can’t help with from afar! There is something wonderful about an assistant working in a different time zone, as you are effectively getting your work done while you sleep. Depending on the country of origin and currency, a VA will cost you significantly less than a “real” assistant. However, you need to be skilled in communicating instructions clearly by email, in order to get the most from your VA.

Corporate Masseuse

Need I explain further? Relaxed employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive and loyal, not to mention having greater levels of positive wellbeing in other areas of their lives. So if a positive organisational culture is important to you, and you feel like treating your staff in a slightly unconventional way, then a corporate masseuse could be worth a try!

You don’t need to house all your business expertise internally. There are a multitude of business service companies out there, who can plug the gaps in your organisation. Whether you’re in start-up mode or simply a small business requiring some additional expertise, then you’ll be amazed at some of the weird and wonderful business service offerings available.

Written by Amelia Jones

Photo credits: Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee - FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


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