The rights of a child

A child is characterized by his youth, innocence and vulnerability. He is helpless and has no means to protect himself. He is entitled to the fundamental privileges and human rights starting from the day he was born. Children in due time grow into adults and will be the future leaders of the next generation. Thus, they need to be well-loved and well-taken cared of.

It is heart-breaking and depressing to see children in the streets begging for alms, a lot of children dying from hunger, children being molested, children being subjects of sex slavery and other forms of inhuman practice. Every parent has the full responsibility and obligation to give his child a decent life, to bring up his child physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy to grow and learn to be responsible and useful members of the society.

The children civil rights are acknowledged worldwide.  Child protection laws are designed by the government to safeguard the young people below 18 years old and to encourage family stability as well.

Being a mom, I find it relevant to tackle this topic on my page and share the following rights of a child:

The right to have an identity that is to have a name and to be free from any discrimination regardless of race, national origin, color, disability and gender.

A child has the right  to a standard of living  with his parents to be provided with an adequate essential needs which includes good food, health care, warm shelter and other necessities for the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.

The right to live a normal life with freedom of expression, thought and right to freedom of association. To live life with dignity.

A child must be protected against negligence, violence, maltreatment, abuse and exploitation.

The right to learn through education, to rest, to play and to get involved in recreational activities.

Handicapped and children with special medical condition has the right for treatment, special care and attention.


  1. It saddens me every time I hear of a child being abused or neglected -- they are innocent people and I appreciate your bringing this to the attention of all your readers.

  2. Being a mother it's hard to understand how there are children out there that don't have these basic rights met ;( very heartbreaking.

  3. I feel sad when a child is begging in streets. We must do something for them.

  4. No child, no matter what race, colour or creed should be deprived of their rights. Children are, after all, our future and as a mother myself, my heart bleeds for every child I see begging on the street.

    It's great that you are tackling this topic. Thanks!

  5. I love this post --- I've seen kids in many parts of the world begging for money --- it breaks my heart to see it and to think there are some many that need help. Thanks for a heart-warming post!


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