Involving Your Children in Home Weekend Projects

Weekends Projects will keep you and your children busy especially during the rainy days when you cannot get out for a picnic or other outdoor family activities.

Involving children in easy home projects will keep your home clean and beautiful at the same time you can teach your children learn about homemaking instead of just letting them sit and click the mouse of the computer all day long.

Here are suggested weekend projects for you and your children.

Rearranging furniture

Experiment with new layouts.  Ask your children ideas on where to place or rearrange furnitures in their bedroom or in the living room.

Decorate your children’s bedroom

Brighten up your children’s room, add a splash of color using non allergenic and odorless paint on the wall. Put on glow in the dark stars and moon on the ceiling, change the curtains or window blinds according to their preferred color or add a character to a plain wall by making a collage of their favorite photos.  Decorating will be fun and full of excitement for children especially when you give them the freedom to consider their ideas in choosing the colors and accents for their bedroom. 

Do some art works

Bring out those travel souvenirs your family bought during your family holidays. Let your children make memory jars filled with tickets, keychains and other souvenir objects or create an album of travel postcards. If your children enjoy doing artworks like painting, get a handful of stretched canvasses and paints and let your children make an abstract painting and hang them on the wall side by side like a gallery.

Transform and organize closets

Sort clothes according to categories such as sweaters, jackets, shorts, pants, shirts, etc. Let your children decide to keep only what they want and need.  Put hand me down clothes in a big box and pass or donate them along to charity afterwards. Teach your children to assign a shelf for each garment category for easy find so as to stay organized. Fold or hang clothes on the rod accordingly.


  1. Great post --- thanks for giving me some ideas to get the kids involved around the house...just things I haven't thought of. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this - I'm constantly trying to think of new ways to involve my toddler around the house. Today he "helped" me fold laundry - took me a bit longer, but he enjoyed feeling involved.

  3. Getting the kids involved in home projects is indeed a marvelous idea. During their last school term holidays, we roped in our teenage sons to help paint the house and assemble some Ikea furniture. It turned out to be a fun family activity and bonding time.

  4. Good ideas. Kids love getting involved and helping. My grandkids love helping their dad wash the car. They will even "help" clean the garage. Just give them a little incentive and they enjoy the time with you.

  5. Great idea keeping them busy!


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