Ways to Open Up a Small Kitchen

There are different ways to get more out of a small kitchen. It may be small on space but it can be big on style and efficiency that can give a light and airy feel

A tiny kitchen’s main chore is meal preparation, therefore if you’re planning to do some remodeling focus on its primary function. Consider the appliances and work areas you need. The use of pot racks, shelving and kitchen utensil holders are only some of the tricks to make it look more spacious.

image credits: diynetwork.com

Here are suggested ways to open up a small kitchen.

First and foremost, keep the layout simple. Keep in mind that in a small space everything really has to work, including surface materials, fixtures and cabinets.

As much as possible add windows. However,  if this is not possible install open shelves and only a few overhead cabinets.

Store rarely used kitchen appliances and cookware in a nearby closet.

A well lighted kitchen will appear larger than it really is. The use of proper lighting should be observed.

Get appliances in the right size, downsizing appliances is a good move to make a proportion to the space at the same time will take less space.  However  though the kitchen is small, a large kitchen sink is more convenient and practical in the long run.

To unify the overall look, most designers suggest monochromatic color.  Select the best color palette that will best fit your style and kitchen design. Furthermore using the same style and color of fixtures and cabinet pulls can add an exquisite appearance.

Lastly, an organized and functional kitchen is what makes it great. Maintaining tidiness for maximum cooking and cleaning efficiency will save you time and effort.


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