The practicality of harvesting rainwater for domestic purposes

Rainy days are here, harvesting and harnessing rainwater for various home purposes is a practical way to save on water that will significantly lower down your water bill. Rainwater reservoir is a useful technology not only vital for the agriculture sector but can also be utilized in every home to conserve water.

A simple do-it-yourself rainwater collection system is easy to build. You only need to place a large container under the downspout which drains the water off your roof.  But before doing so make sure you let someone clean the roof and the open downspouts on the roof first in order to get rid of dirt and other debris that may clog the gutters. It is also advisable to place a gutter strain to keep fragments to work its way down the fittings.

Harvested rainwater can serve several domestic purposes and these are as follows:

You can use the collected water in watering the plants in your garden.

It can be used to flush toilets.

We use water in cleaning the house like mopping the floor, cleaning the windows and even dusting. Recycled rain water for home cleaning is a good water-saving technique.

Take advantage of the rain water in cleaning your surroundings like your garage.

It can also be used in cleaning the doghouse.

Rain water collection and recycling it for various domestic uses is an eco-friendly way to help conserve water that would benefit the community too.

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