Saturday, July 06, 2013

Specialized Investment Bank for Chemicals Industry Investors

Mergers and acquisitions are the heart of a corporation, the sure way to expansion and increased profit. When dealing with complicated mergers and acquisitions in the area of chemicals, it is best to consult a specialized investment bank such as the Valence Group which grew from the chemicals and materials industry.

The Valence Group can carry you through the entire transaction from research to acquisition. They offer chemical M&A advice in a number of sectors globally. The experts at the Valence Group have experience in transactions at all levels of chemicals, materials, and related industries. Their offices in London, New York, and Shanghai offer a presence all over the world, as well as familiarity with global economies. 

Valence Group specializes as a chemical M&A group to offer professional advice and expertise acquired through over 200 completed chemicals and related M&A transactions in over 100 sub-sectors, both specialty and commodity. In the process of advising your firm, Valence takes into consideration some of the following factors: Operational Carve-outs Ongoing Supply Agreements Environmental Liabilities Off-Take Agreements Site Operating Agreements as well as many other aspects which often do not occur to even the most professional corporate executive in the process of mergers and acquisitions. You will be pleased to work with the Valence Group and its advisors. They carefully and confidentially work with you and your people to achieve the results desired.


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