Save the Planet, Recycle Your Washing Machine

Recycling can be seen as your old washer's final spin cycle. It may finally emerge as a designer lampshade, a new car or a barbeque grill. Here’s how to recycle your washing machine

Breathe Life Into Your Old Washing Machine

Nowadays, it's possible to recycle most old and outdated household appliances that we plan to get rid of. Recycling does not only mean dismantling at a recycling centre; you can donate working appliances or sell them to scrap yards without having to chuck it in a landfill. Did you know that washing machines have up to 65% steel, in addition to electrical components and other materials? The recyclable steel, other metals, and selected components of your old washer can be made into new products. If nothing else, your washing machine drum can be turned into a flower pot with some potting soil and your favourite plants. A modernist lampshade is another swell idea! There are many scrap metal dealers whom you can contact over the internet. A scrap metal recycler will buy your old machine, pay you for it and recycle the steel parts. Many appliance dealers and home centres will take away the old unit and recycle it for you.

Buy Energy Efficient Washing Machines

If you plan to trash your old washing machine, buying a new energy efficient one can save you money and help the environment. An important tool in choosing an energy efficient washing machine or dishwasher is the energy 'star rating' label. This easy-to-recognise rating label tells you how much energy an appliance will use in a year. The more stars a washing machine is awarded, the better. The highest rating is 6 stars. Washing machines also have a water efficiency labelling scheme, which lets you compare the water efficiency of different products. A 5-star water efficient washing machine can save up to 100 litres per wash compared to an older style top-loader. An energy efficient washing machine can help you save up to $30-35 of your household power bill each year. Moreover, switching to an energy efficient washer removes 350kg of dirty carbon pollution each year. Either way, by saving energy or water, you will be doing a great deal to help check pollution and keeping the Earth green for a long time to come. 

Sell or Donate It

Another way of recycling an old, working washing machine is to give it or sell it to someone in need of one. Enterprising people may even consider posting an ad online or in the local newspaper to sell or donate their old faithful washer. There are also non-profit stores to which you can sell your old appliances so they can sell it to benefit others. The best option is to give your working washing machine a good overhaul and donate it to the poor and needy or to self-help groups who would be willing to use it.

This guest post was written by Olivia, an environmentally engaged mum who like to share her passion for high-tech and green appliances.


  1. Thanks for sharing the innovative ideas about using the internal organs of a washing machine as a flower pot or lamp shade J. I would love to buy a new washing machine and donate the old one to the needy.

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