Prepaid Debit and Credit cards to fit your Budget and Lifestyle

The latest movement is prepaid debit and credit cards. They are everywhere. People rate these types of cards better than bank accounts because they have less fees, more deposit options and work just like any other debit or credit card without high interest fees or overdraft charges.

If you are running a budget, this type of card is a perfect choice for you. For example, Kaiku offers one of the top credit cards prepaid on the market. It's easy to add money through direct deposit, bank account, cash locations or even card-to-card transfers. Members of Kaiku also have a lot of account options and tools. They can budget and manage their money easily online or even use the Kaiku app to access their account, send money, receive text alerts and check for in-network ATMs.

Kaiku is available in over 50,000 cities internationally and domestic. As a student, Kaiku offers the best incentives for international travel. You can save money on the latest brands and products with cash back offers from Visa as well. In addition, it's easy to talk to Kaiku's customer service, which is available 24/7. This means that you can make transfers, get questions answered, check your balance or fix problems instantly just by talking to friendly customer service representatives from Kaiku. Furthermore, there aren't any activation fees, withdrawal fees or card fees. This is one of the best ways to control your money and pay for anything where Visa is accepted without the hassle of paying high service fees for a bank account.


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