Keep Boredom Away with Indoor Activities for Children

Children these days have formed an attachment to gadgets and game consoles that traditional indoor games seem to have lost on them. They are content at simply sitting in one corner while their fingers and eyes kept busy. But this should not be the case, children need to be active for them to develop their mind and bodies as well as keep them healthy and strong. When you find yourself holed up at home during the rainy season, go for energy burning and mind boggling games that are fun and thrilling not only for kids but for kids-at-heart too.

Some popular indoor games are roll the marble and shadow play. Younger kids are amazed at how you can create animals and things with your hands’ shadows. It’ll be a fun guessing game too. Other games you can do with older kids are scavenger hunts, tabletop soccer, dress up charades and wall football.

Aside from these games, you can also encourage kids to try drawing and painting or apply those crafty creations from art attack! Baking and cooking are also great activities that adults and kids can both have fun and learn a lot from. Don’t worry much about the mess, they learn new things from these activities plus the bonding and fun you had with the kids will all be worth it!     

Image courtesy of James Barker - FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


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