How to Encourage Good Study Habits at an Early Age

Whether you enrol your children in a local school or a British international school in Tianjin, good study habits is very important.  It is a gift that you can impart to your kids and they will surely appreciate your intent by the time they reach university.  Education can be tough especially on children who do not have good study habits.  Acquiring knowledge and learning continuously is what studying is all about.  It helps students prepare and become proficient in each of their subjects.  The question is how do you encourage kids to develop good study habits? 

Start before school age

The basic foundation in developing study habits is when the student is willing to learn.  Thus, from the beginning when the child becomes conscious and active about the things around him or her, start the process of learning fun and exciting ways for them.  Develop their reading habits, encourage inquisitive minds, allow them to experiment and experience frustrations and disappointments, explain clearly, and create a learning environment at home such as a mini-library and playroom with lots of educational toys.

Instill the value of doing well

Explain to your child that one of the benefits of studying is doing well or performing excellently at school.  Reward excellent performances with good words, a treat, or just a simple hug will do.  Children are very curious; thus, you need to tell them how studying will make them smart, likeable to teachers and classmates, and help them achieve good grades.  

Create a learning environment

One of the requirements when you want to develop good study habits is to provide the appropriate environment that is conducive to studying.  You may develop certain sections of your home as a study room or you can install sound proofing devices so that noise and commotions coming from outside and inside the house are reduced or eliminated. 

Understand their motivation

Studying is a behaviour which is not inherent among all children.  Self-driven children do not need studying supervision but kids who abhor studying might require certain adjustments and creativity on your part.  It doesn’t mean that these types of children hate studying but rather they might prefer to do it on their own terms such as playing first before studying.  You can bargain and negotiate with them if you are serious with the idea of developing good study habits. 

Always be available

You do not have to be knowledgeable with everything in order to help kids with their assignments or study activities.  Just ensure that when they do ask for your help, you will give them the attention that they need. You just have to enjoy learning and discovering new knowledge also when you help your kids to study their lessons at home.  It is a perfect bonding moment for both of you. 

As parents, you do have certain responsibilities if you want your children to perform well in school.  A child will not develop good study habits if you do not encourage them at home.  It is a source of great joy and pride when kids are achieving well at school. 

Maria Madrid has been looking into ways in which to help young children settle into their new surroundings when a family relocates to China.

Photo credits:  David Castillo - FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


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