3 Easy Home Makeovers You can Do Today

Not every homeowner can afford an immediate home makeover primarily because of budget limits, but that should not stop you from planning and probably starting micro projects to spruce up your home.

When your home feels a little dull and drafty, here are three makeovers that you can do and afford to give your home the face lift it deserve.

Color Your Walls

White – that’s basically what most of your walls look like. It can sometimes become stark, lifeless and non-inspirational. Give your home a noticeable upgrade by changing your wall colors to something entirely different. If you’re used to seeing white or beige, try midnight blue or a fresh mint green! But go easy on it and try it out first on a small section of your wall before going up ahead.

De-clutter Storage Spaces

Sometimes, a home only needs a good de-cluttering to renew its vibe. Schedule a day for organizing, sorting and de-cluttering out all drawers, shelves, boxes and storage spaces to remove all you don’t need.  Donate old clothes and other stuffs to lessen the load in your cabinets and arrange the ones you still need properly. Afterwards, you’ll see wider, airier and brand new spaces in your home.  
Display Artwork

Hang a painting, framed photo and other works of art on empty walls for an instant makeover. It draws the eye and works as a great convo-starter. When picking out artwork for the first time, be sure to buy something that you really like instead of going for a famous name or brand. 


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