Special Maternal Bond on Mother’s Day

What it takes to be a mother? Being a mom does not end by just giving birth to a child. It encompasses great job and responsibility done in an incomparable manner. No words can convey the heroism and majesty of a mother’s unconditional love. We may be having and enjoying a lot of beautiful things around us but there’s only one mother in our life. Celebrating a special maternal bond this Mother’s day can let her feel how important she is to us – her children.

Aside from her birthday and special family occasions, to treat her like a queen in this time of the year where the whole world celebrate and honor all mothers around the globe is indeed something exceptional that she will cherish and always remember. Our beloved mothers deserve more than just a bouquet of flowers. A mother who loves her children more than herself ought to have an extraordinary day full of fun and surprises.

Mom and me when I was still a child
I may be having a bunch of really good friends but my husband and most importantly my mom is the truest friend I ever had. I have a wonderful relationship with my kids because of what I learned from her. My mom grew up without a mom to take care of her because her mom passed away when she was still a child but amazingly she did a remarkable motherhood. Her influence as a mother made me more capable of raising my children well.

To have fun and celebrate a special maternal bond in respect and honor of my mom’s pure love and devotion has been already all set this Sunday, May 12, 2013. 

Mom and me, now also a mom

Nevertheless, with or without an occasion, what matters most is that I make sure that I always show and let her feel that she’s a part of me. To always be there when she needs me, to take care of her, to lend an ear to hear her stories and to let her hear the words “I Love You Mom” not only this Mother’s day but EVERYDAY.


  1. what i wouldn't give to tell my mother that I love her + be celebrate Mother's Day with her. Happy Mother's Day to you + you mom! ^_^


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