How to deal with a dawdling kid

Kids are easygoing, they hang around and delay things we want them to do because time has no meaning to them especially when they are still younger than 6 years old. Dawdling, therefore is just but normal during this stage. However, we can teach them to understand the significance of meeting time goals by turning instructions into fun and not annoying orders. 

We can disguise influencing our children to come on and hurry in different ways. One good example is to play run races with them or play simple games like beat the clock. Let them feel they’re in control on how fast or slow they do things so they will exert effort more when they lose your game.

Kids move slowly and waste time throwing tantrums when they woke up at the wrong side of the bed, if you’re in a hurry for his preschool schedule, better allow enough time to get ready, that is to wake him up 30 minutes early. We must remember that being a kid, he still don’t understand what hurrying means. 

Maintain a regular daily routine and be consistent on his time schedule for eating, playing, sleeping and bathing. A regular pattern will help him be familiarized with the time frame.

Motivate your child to complete a task as quickly as he can, like dressing up. You may offer a reward to make him realize that good things come to those who stay in schedule.

Most kids take more time than necessary when you want him to do something and he wants to do something else. You may tell him that he may continue playing with his toy after he brushes his teeth or after he changed his clothes.

Lastly, it is important to really mean what you say, do not let your child wait for you when you say you are ready to go and you’re not.


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