Disobedient Dogs and Cheeky Cats: Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Furniture

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Our furry friends are cute and a joy to have around the home; at least, until they ruin a new sofa, or the carpet. Most cats and canines are well-behaved animals, if you have trained them properly that is, but there is always a risk that they could damage your expensive piece of furniture.

If you have a disobedient dog or a cheeky cat that is constantly ruining your furniture with their teeth and claws, you can take action. And we don’t mean by getting rid of them.

How can you pet-proof your furniture? Here are 4 top tips:

  • Do your curtains drag to the floor?

This can be done by tying them up or by not leaving them dragging on the carpet. Cats love to lunge for dangling and swinging objects, so strings and objects like cords are easy targets. Tuck the cords away if you can. As long as the cat can leave the house at any time and gain access to a litter tray and water, there will be plenty of other activities for them to explore.

  • Are they left alone for long periods of time?

You can avoid any nasty surprises by letting them out as often as possible. It should be a known fact that pets require regular daily walks. When he or she takes a toilet break outside, reward them for doing so. If your male dog is spraying on your sofa often, ask a vet about the pet’s possible anxiety issues and what can be done.

Try not to leave your pet in the house for long periods by themselves. They can get bored and look to your new sofa as entertainment.

  • Is your furniture getting chewed by your furry companions?

Puppies tend to chew the most and can continue far into their adult lives. Leave them some toys to chew on, and some chew sticks- the herbal sticks are very nice choices. Your dog will chew on those for a while.

If you catch your pet in the act, just clap your hands. They usually stop chewing and eventually stop chewing altogether. Alternatively, you can buy special sprays that are supposed to put pets off from chewing, by the taste and smell.

  • What is the furniture’s material?

Choose a material that is pet-proof. Leather is ideal as it doesn’t attract fur and it is really easy to clean. Avoid rough woven fabric as your pet’s claws can easily get tangled and it will completely ruin your sofa.

Check your pet’s nails as they may need trimming as a preventive measure.What is more, choose a sofa that sits directly on the floor. This will prevent any of the legs getting chewed.

You can also purchase furniture cover sheets that you can place over the sofa and dining table when you leave the house, to protect it from any damage.

Don’t let your pooch or moggy rule the roost. Pet-proof your furniture today to save your pennies, retain its appearance and make it last longer.

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