Working hard for a meaningful life

We feel good to see the fruits of what we work hard for, yet do we really have to work too hard every day of our lives to the point that the effort itself becomes the means and the end, rather than working hard as the means to an end? What’s the point of having a fat wallet if you will still end up miserable?

We parents work hard to augment the financial needs of our family, to give our children a bright future and to prepare for our future.  However, experts say that there’s a big difference between working too hard and working smart in living a meaningful life. Working hard that is working smart leads to positive results and progress while working too hard leads to smaller returns wherein most of the time leads to broken families. Thus, it is not based on how much effort we exert but the outcome of what we do.

Spending long hours of overtime work does not necessarily mean that you are being productive, on the contrary you’ll just get yourself too exhausted and more often than not results to less accomplishments.

To work smart is to balance your time and energy between your job, your family among other things. We all need to have some downtime, we need to rest and enjoy life with our love ones to make it meaningful. Being a workaholic is good. We can be productive and efficient just as long as we use time wisely, working hard – working smart.


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