Time Out, a technique in disciplining children

Time out is an instructive parenting technique in disciplining children. It is a form of punishment that involves separating a child for a short period of time from an environment where inappropriate behavior has occurred. 

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In my personal experience with child discipline, I find it most effective when I first explain to my kid why I need to separate and isolate him for a while, for him to understand what it means. Isolating a kid without discussing the reason why can cause child stress and discomfort.  So whenever my kids show inappropriate behavior then they know that they need to go off to the chair for a little quiet time to calm them down. Choose a location in your home for the thinking chair where there are no distractions so solitary moment  can be an opportunity for them to think and reflect on their deeds.

After the quiet time, we should talk to them and inquire what caused their misbehavior. It is normal for children to throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.  However, it is important that we set a time limit when implementing time out, as the rule of the thumb one minute for each year of age is recommended.

One of the importance of this practice is that it separates you from your kid when tempers are flaring, giving you and your kid the opportunity to regain self-control, allowing the parent and the child to cool off.

Through proper implementation of time out, a child learns self-discipline as he realizes the consequences of his actions on his own.


  1.  I do this to my kids and it really works! Thanks for sharing dear Joy! :)

  2. is this effective for a 1 year and 10 months old baby? she's makulit na kasi


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