How to Teach Children About Money in 7 Easy Steps

  Money can be a touchy subject for kids and parents alike, but it's also a topic that needs to be discussed. We want our children to understand the value of money and how it works, but it can be tricky to discuss these concepts without sounding preachy. As a parent myself, I've found that making learning about money fun is one way to get my child interested in the topic without worrying about them feeling like we're pushing an agenda or being lectured at. Here are some fun ways that you can teach your child about money : Let kids invent their own games or create their own money. Let kids invent their own games or create their own money. This works especially well with older children who already have a grasp on financial concepts like spending, saving, budgeting and investing. Let them create their own games using whatever they want as currency — anything from marbles to candy to paper clips could work! If they want to make up actual rules for using this new currency (f

The basic principle in job hunting

With a lot of fresh graduates, job hunters are doubled these days. You must have noticed that inspite of the numerous copies of your resume having been dispatched to different companies you applied for and after having gone through countless interviews, still you have not landed a job. Maybe one of the reasons why is that you miss to carry out the basic principle in job hunting.

One of the highlights in a resume that an employer reads about is the career objective. The most common objective of an applicant is to find a company that can utilize his skills and education. I think there is something missing in this statement because in my opinion, being once an entrepreneur, reading as it is definitely turns me off. I think the applicant’s career objective should consist of the basic rule and principle that is what you can do for the employer utilizing your special skills and education and not what the employer can do for you.

Your skills and education render an important part in the resume, however a company’s basic rule is to hire people who will and can help the company’s primary goal which is to make money. 

If you lack the qualifications being sought by the employer then it’s about time to sell your skills and capability to easily adopt to the job’s nature and working environment. Convince the interviewer that you are competent. Thus, it is important that you articulate well in the resume and interview. The message you need to send to your prospective employer is to hire you and not to beg for the job.

Depending on the business nature, some employers offer training to their employees especially if their technology and services are specialized.  Bear in mind that while you are learning the ropes you are also being paid for a salary.  The employer usually evaluates how you cope up with the training to make sure you will be productive and get what they expect from you in return.

Remember that you are not the lone applicant for the job, the bottom line is the employer will still get the best ones who will pass their criteria and who can help their business in terms of reaching the objective in attaining corporate goals.

So the basic principle and strategy you need is to sell yourself how you can be an asset to the company and as the solution the company’s need and not merely to be employed to fill up the vacancy. 

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