Simple DIY Home Repairs

Homemaking is not only cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking healthy foods for the family and taking care of children. A homemaker also sees to it that the home is safe and running smoothly. Learning and knowing simple DIY (do-it-yourself) home repairs is an advantage.

Knowledge on how to perform some of the simple fixes will give you a lot of savings. Moreover, you can get the work done on your schedule.  It will keep your costs down compared to hiring a professional contractor.

It is important to have a home toolbox that will aid you in making occasional repairs. Basic and important tools like a hammer, set of different nail and screw sizes, a wrench, screw drivers and pliers for a start will do. As you can save in the long run, you can buy more tools to complete your toolbox.

Here are some fast fixes you can do yourself.

  • Repairing untidy and grungy toilet grout. 
  • Fixing a leaking toilet bowl tank – when your toilet flushes just fine yet it doesn’t know when to quit then replacing the flapper can solve the problem. 
  • Fixing squeaking doors and loose door screws. 
  • Replacing a busted light bulb. 
  • Replacing a dripping faucet 
  • Clearing and unplugging clogged toiletand sinks


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