Entertaining guests in a condominium

High rise dwellings have limited space but it will not be a reason to hinder to live the life you want. Your hospitality doesn’t have to end once you move into a condominium.  You can still host a gathering in your unit.

However, it is important to inform your neighbors and condo administrator days ahead about it so they won’t be surprised by the sudden onslaught of your guests. Make also a list of the names of your expected guest and submit it to the administrator so the guard on duty may confirm the visitors name on the list before they enter the premises to ensure safety for you and the other residents as well, as we are all aware of - thieves and other bad elements take advantage of sneaking in private residences especially when big gatherings are held in the premises.

Talk to the condo administrator about the parking space options. Likewise you also have to talk to your guests and inform them of the restrictions and rules of the place you live in.

For small gatherings, it is best advised to hold your party during lunch time to ensure the party and the noise that comes with it will end before dinner. We need to be considerate to our neighbors.

If your guests will be more than ten in number, you may rent the condominium entertainment room, facilities and amenities. Family reunions for instance can be accommodated at the clubhouse or function rooms as well as with children birthday parties.

Photo credits:  Photostock of freedigitalphotos.net


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