An Academic Yearend Award

I may not be a perfect mom but I am proud to say that I was able to raise my two sons modestly.  Parenting stubborn children is not easy yet I was able to inculcate moral values and build emotionally stable children. My eldest son, now 23 years old is focusing on his career enrichment while my youngest son, 13 years old has just finished grade 7 with an academic award that called for another family celebration.

From grade 7 he will be promoted to grade 8 in the next school year. His achievement being a newcomer in his new school is really a big accomplishment for our family. To prepare him for his chosen college course, we decided to transfer him to a school which focuses more on academic and intellectual training. During the first grading period my son really did experienced a culture shock, he did a lot of adjustments to the mode of teaching which is really different from the past school he attended. Through guidance and encouragement, he was able to get along with the new learning approach. As the days pass by, he began to enjoy more studying in this new school, as he once told me that he is no longer a novice because he can cope up and manage with the method of teaching and gain friends too.

We parents want our children to have a good education, in order for our kids to get by the study pressure, we need to help them monitor how they prepare and study their lessons. By doing so, progress can be reached.

The Academic Distinction Award my youngest son garnered this school year is the beginning of his realization to achieve success in his continuing endeavour to attain academic excellence. 

Congratulations Yahmir! Keep it Up!


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