Spanking Kids and its Effects to their Personality

Have you been spanking your kids as a form of discipline? What made you think that it is an effective approach? Parents doing it most likely experienced spanking during their younger years and they are just continuing the cycle as it has been a known norm in disciplining children.

Studies were conducted and shown that 2 to 7 percent of cases of mental disorders including paranoia, major depression and anxiety disorders were attributed to physical punishment during the person’s childhood years.

Even though the percentage isn't that significant, it is still something to think about. Spanking kids isn't illegal provided that you hit them not too hard that will hurt so much to cause trauma. May I reiterate that spanking to discipline a child is totally different from child abuse wherein the purpose is just to hurt the child physically and make his or her life miserable.

Aside from spanking, there are still other disciplinary actions that are equally effective minus the infliction of pain. Depriving or grounding your kid from his favorite video game or not allowing him to use his cellular phone can also be effective. You’re still causing pain but not physically. It’s more on utilizing the emotional pain to make him think and realize his mistake.

It is also important to explain to the child why such punishments are given whether with spanking or other ways. Keeping the communication open is the key to making these disciplinary actions as effective as it can be.

Pain is the breaking of the shell that surrounds understanding. 


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