Keeping Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Economical Yet Wonderful

Birthdays are considered to be one of the most important events in a person’s life and more often than not, we celebrate it with our family and closest friends by throwing a party.

Customarily, we throw a party and rejoice the merriest birthday at age 1, 7, 13, 18 for a female debutante and 21 for the male counterpart.

Since your one year old child cannot remember how his or her first birthday party turned out, taking pictures of the activities for the first birthday party of your kid can preserve memories, something that you can reminisce over and over again.  

Planning a soft budget for the first year birthday party can also be wonderful if you allow your creative mind to handle everything. Remember that you will need more funds in the coming years for your growing child and you couldn’t just ruin your budget for a single day celebration.  You may omit invitation cards and utilize your social networking sites to inform your visitors. 
However, if you’re the souvenir-type of person; you can actually make your own invitation cards instead of ordering it from an events coordinator.

No need spending on expensive main course meals because you can hold the party in the afternoon and serve snacks. Your visitors would most likely bring their kids and for sure these kids won’t enjoy eating rice and other heavy meals. They’d prefer to eat hotdog-on-sticks-with-a-marshmallow type of finger foods, pasta and other dishes that kids will surely love.

If in case your place is small to hold a party, you may opt to avail the kiddie birthday package offered by some food chains and just bring along the birthday cake just in case it is not included in the package. Preparing small sets of loot bags for giveaways is a nice token for the attendees.

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