Instilling values, one of the most important aspects of parenting

We as parents are responsible to lay the ultimate foundation for the bright future of our children. Instilling values is one of the most important aspects of parenting that we should not forget.

It has been proven that children learn by example. If you will set a high priority on showing and teaching on your values, your children will practically learn to do the same.

Infusing values to our children can be done in several ways.

Discuss among your children about your beliefs; tell stories that support your principles in life.

It is important to monitor your child's behavior in school or when they are outside of your home with their peers as it can weaken parental influence and the development of moral values for behavior.

Commend on your child’s good deeds and accomplishments. Giving them praise can make them realize that they can be dependable on doing things without being told or reminded.

To show in action what is the meaning of empathy, considerate and polite toward others can inspire them to do the same.

Spend time to listen respectfully to their ideas and feelings by always opening the channels of communications and giving them the freedom to speak their minds, so you can help them set goals.

Often display love, warmth, support, encouragement, and consistency toward your children. Participate in their interests, hobbies and other activities that need your support.

Set house rules and reasonable standards for you and your children to live by. Divide house chores and work together on family tasks and projects.

Teaching kids the value of money and how to spend it wisely. Let them accompany you in doing the grocery for them to learn how to budget money too.

Teaching them the importance of time management and being organized.

Certainly, your children will adopt the values you demonstrate daily.


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