Energy-Saving Tips in Winterizing Your Home

Aside from pulling the sweaters and mittens out at the bottom of the coat closet, we also make a to-do-list to prepare and equip our homes for the cold weather.

Shielding ourselves and our homes to keep us warm and comfortable for the cold season is a must to keep our family and homes protected.

Our homes require maintenance to keep it in a tip-top shape all throughout the winter season. Here are important things to look over, inspect and clean before the wintertime begins.

  • Inspect the furnace and clean the ducts  
  • Clean the roofs, gutters and downspouts  
  • Check for crevice cracks on exterior doors and windows and seal them.  
  • Check smoke detectors and alarms, replace batteries if needed.  
  • Check on your first aid supplies, flashlights and food supplies.  
  • Do not forget to make the fireplace ready, buy enough wood, clean the chimney and cap the top to keep out birds.  
  • Take out those winter equipment from the storage such as ice choppers, snow shovels and more and check if it is still functional.
It is also important to learn how to boost your home's energy efficiency during winter. Make sure all systems are efficient by doing a system test run.

Moreover, the energy-saving tips mentioned above will help keep you warm while saving you money at the same time.

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