Creating a Family Tradition

Although technology has made our lives a lot more convenient and comfortable, it is also sad that many kids these days are too “wired” that they forget to explore the outdoors and have healthy social lives.   

To let our children be a couch potato is definitely not healthy, so it is advised for parents to divert their attention by doing other activities in between such as sports, playing outdoors with other kids or enrolling them in summer camps during summertime. 

Make a time schedule on when they can use their computer and gaming gadgets so they will also learn how to manage their time for studying, doing their school homework and helping in some house chores.

Moreover,bringing them on cool road trips, exploring the beauty of nature such as trekking, or overnight campings can provide family fun and enjoyment. Family getaways that can be also educational not only for the young but for the adult as well.

Taking a break from work to spend time with kids would be sacrificial for many people who would need the extra income, but trips like these could make a lasting impact on your kids. It would create happy memories where you and your children can look back and reminisce.

After all, the whole family would really enjoy even short term vacations and later on make it into a family tradition—something they can also do with their kids when they become parents themselves!


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