5 Most Popular Charity Merchandise Campaigns

The main purpose of most charities is to raise awareness about a particular issue. Unfortunately, simply raising awareness isn't always enough. Everyone can be aware of the problem, but the problem still exists. In response, many charities look to solve the problem they specialize in. That or at least make a sizable impact. This is much easier said than done. To create a serious impact takes serious resources. Serious resources are contingent on serious supplies of cash and capital. Charitable trusts soon realized the best way to accomplish this goal: Merchandise. Everyone loves stuff and they love buying it-- especially if they know they're helping people with a cause. In this spirit of tenacity and ingenuity, here are five of the most popular charity merchandise campaigns.

Save the Tatas- Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a serious issue for women. Annually, it's a disease that manages to kill thousands if not millions per year. In an effort to combat this, the candidly named company "Save the Tatas" started selling its merchandise. Millions of dollars in revenue are produced by the effort, many of which is donated to the "Save the Tatas Foundation." Seeing someone wearing a bracelet or a t-shirt boldly proclaiming our desire to save breasts have been a humorous way to combat a very serious issue.

One-for-One Movement- Toms

Africa has seen a number of issues spring up on its population. Poverty, hunger, war, HIV, and chaos amongst the most noted. However, few think about some of the smaller issues that can still cause negative effects. These include a lack of suitable clothing and protective foot-coverings. The shoe company Toms reacted with a gregarious charitable gesture. Buy one pair of shoes and another gets donated to needy kids in Africa.

Livestrong Bracelets- Livestrong Foundation

Although there is a lot to be said (and a lot that has been said) about the brand and foundation's founder, Livestrong continues to be dedicated to tackling one of the largest men's health issues out there. Testicular cancer. Until the company started selling it's remarkably popular bracelets, the issue was, at best, on the back-burner of social conscious. Now the brand name is ubiquitous and seen all around the world.


The idea of (Red) is to fight for a generation of people who will live without the tyranny of HIV and AIDS. The organization sees how, each year, millions of people will contract and or die due to the spread of this horrible disease. The biggest current issue is found in Africa, as hinted at earlier. As such, the charity works primarily in Ghana Through it's merchandise, it's managed to donate over $200 million to the cause.

To Write Love on Her Arms:

Although it started out small with a "cult-following" in the Orlando, Florida area in the U.S., To Write Love on Her Arms quickly expanded and developed into the recognized charity it is today. Their t-shirts, bracelets, and other merchandise sold extremely well with the younger generation. Proceeds went to helping those with addiction and drug issues.

Monica is an Charity Worker from Sydney, Australia. She says that many charities have successful product marketing campaigns, but these are five of the most recognisable in the world.


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