Giving rewards for academic achievements

One of the proudest and priceless moments in parenting is to have children who excel in their academic performance. Education is by far the most precious intangible heritage a parent can give to their children. Good education can bring good life as it help inculcate good virtues, proper reasoning, good judgment, as well as accumulated knowledge wherein one’s potential can be used to a maximum extent.  Education is one of the crucial factors which formulate the persona of a person.

Giving rewards for academic achievements in my opinion is just one of the ways in showing appreciation to our kid’s hard work in achieving academic excellence. In my experience in parenting two academic achievers, giving gifts motivates them more to study harder. As I keep on telling them if they will continue to concentrate and give importance to their studies it will definitely benefit them in the future.

They say that boys are harder to heed than girls, yes that’s true especially that both of my sons are stubborn, yet as long as there is mutual respect and open communication, proper guidance and strong motivation and encouragement, you can lead them to the right track.  I always bear in mind what my mom taught me – “never quit to satisfy your children with advices”. My eldest son, now an IT has proven what good education can bring forth. My youngest son, now on grade 7 learned to value education, looking up to his older brother as a model. Recently, he was awarded with  an academic excellence card of honor for the third grading period which made me, my husband and eldest son very proud of.  Of course, he will be receiving presents, now not only one but three gifts coming from his dad, his kuya and me  


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