7 Simple Steps for Designing Your First Baby Room

Designing a room for a new addition to the family is a fun and exciting home-based adventure, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Follow these 7 simple steps and you’ll find the whole process a cinch.

Safety First

You want to be able to rest soundly knowing that your baby is free from danger and out of harm’s way while resting or playing in his/her room. Make sure there are no sharp edges and that your child cannot get outside or climb near a window. Make sure there’s nothing the baby can pull down on top of him or her, and no way that your baby can fall from any height. It’s a good idea not to have the room too close to stairs and if there is a door that accesses the outdoors or a balcony, ensure it is lockable and not able to be opened by a big brother or sister while playing.

Make sure any materials such as paints, wallpaper, varnish etc is non-toxic. It’s also important that the baby’s room is close to your own, so you can hear any disruptions and access it quickly if need be.

Set Your Budget

For most families, finances are an important factor to consider when making any changes to a home, especially in preparation for a new member. The arrival of a new baby is often costly for many reasons, so to help minimise the financial impact, set a budget for the new nursery room before you get started. Plan how much you can afford, what you’ll need to buy and how much you estimate it will cost. Start putting aside a little from each pay to ensure you meet your savings goals and have the money that your budget promises.

Sensible Set-Up

Plan the layout of your room to maximise safety, comfort and convenience. For example, make sure the cot is close to the entrance, so it’s quick and easy to find it during the night and in the dark. Keep the cot away from anything that might be pulled down onto the baby by curious hands, and make sure it’s kept away from any bench or storage space where choking hazards may sometimes be left.

You might want the nappy-change station to be close to the crib (but out of reach) so that it’s easy to get a wet nappy changed quickly. Also make sure you allow for a nice clear pay-space where you might put a playpen or have toys laid out: somewhere there’s room for you to play with Bub too.

Select the Furniture

Choose furniture that will fit nicely in the baby’s room without making the space feel crowded. The cot will be the focal point of the room, so make sure you choose a size and design that suits you and is practical for the space. From there you can fill the room with items you think the baby will love and items you’ll find functional, essential and practical.

Smart Storage

Always leave lots of room for storage, as you’ll gather more and more items as time goes by and you’ll need somewhere to keep it. Make sure everything is easily accessible to you, but ensure any draws or cupboards are kept baby-proof.

Choose a Theme

Collect inspiration, browse blogs, magazines and photo databases like Pinterest, and get a solid idea of what kind of theme and colour scheme you want to go with. Lots of colours and interesting, stimulating and educational decor are ideal for the young mind.

Fill With Fun and Functional Items

Make sure, firstly, that the room has everything you need to take care of the baby with ease and comfort. After that, make sure it has everything you want to make it a fun and exciting space to play and rest for your child. Keep in mind, though, that baby showers and birthday parties will see lots more additions to the room, so always leave some space.
By the end of these steps you’ll have a very functional baby room where both you and your baby can explore the joys of growing, caring and playing together.

photo credits: http://yellowsubstudio.com

Donna is a blogger from the Gold Coast, Australia, who is expecting her first child very soon. She has just completed her baby room in a newly built house in Maddison Estate on the Gold Coast. Donna loves the active lifestyle community. You can visit their website here: http://www.maddisonestate.com.au/ 


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