Yuletide fever, perfect moment for family affairs

The jubilation of Christmas is felt everywhere as most families greet the season with festive atmosphere.  The Yuletide fever as my youngest son called it, is a perfect moment for family affairs. It is the most special time of the year for unique family bonding.

School break for two long weeks for the kids to enjoy best the holidays can give us more time to schedule fun activities for the whole family.  Attending family reunions, watching movies, strolling and wandering in parks and places with Christmas activities for entertainment and leisure or a week vacation such as an out of town trip to unwind and relax are just among the recreational activities families take pleasure in during this season.

The cheerful spirit is highly contagious as Christmas raffles and bazaars are here, there and everywhere, shopping malls are full of people celebrating through dining and extended gift buying. The cool weather is inviting to roam around so streets are also busy as traffic jams slowed down vehicular movement in most main city streets.

Celebrating Christmas through cooking delectable and special dishes for the family’s midnight dinner party and exchanging of gifts is the traditional Christmas celebration among families. In addition, our family offers mass to give thanks and praise for all the wonderful blessings we received the entire year.

photo credits:  freedigitalphotos.net

To celebrate it extravagantly or just quiet and simple does not matter because what matters most is to express the true essence of Christmas which is sharing, love and faith and most importantly, to observe and make merry with your family and loved ones.


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