Study Options For College Graduates

After students graduate from college, they must decide what to do with their lives. There are often three options: find a job, take post graduate courses or travel abroad. Depending upon your budget, the economy and your stress levels, you may choose one of these three options as the next stage in life. Let’s take a look how these options can be incorporated and integrated into our lives as learning opportunities:

Enrol in Postgraduate Courses

Many college graduates want to immediately enrol into postgraduate courses. Some people may choose to get their Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Science (MS) or Masters of Education (MEd) immediately after finishing a bachelor’s degree. Going to school to be a doctor is another option. To enrol in these programs, college graduates must usually show their proficiency by taking a MCAT test to prove their ability to perform at a certain level. You can find MCAT practice tests online to help you study for this important exam.

College graduates who also have graduate degrees are more likely to be paid more upon graduation. They can continue their education and get their PhDs to teach other students. Many graduates choose this option because it offers more security than simply a bachelor’s degree. The best thing about postgraduate courses is that it is typically easier to find funding for graduate courses if you performed well in undergraduate studies. Fellowships offer payment for graduate courses and possibly a stipend.

Travel Abroad to Study

Some college graduates travel abroad before they obtain a job or study in post-secondary education. This time allows graduates to learn more about their chosen profession and the world before going to work or going to study more. Travelling is also great for de-stressing and cultural edification. Many college graduates may travel to Italy, France, the United Kingdom or Spain. Others may choose an under-resourced country to volunteer and help. The decision is entirely up to the college graduate, but travelling abroad is a great opportunity.

Find a Job and Learn on the Job

Finding a job sounds easy, but it is far more complicated than imagined. First, you must find open positions in your industry or find a contact in your industry, apply and hope for an interview. Applying is easier said than done because it requires knowing how the computer selects candidates and how hiring managers review candidates for interviews. You could take an entire course in applying and interviewing and still not excel at the process. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Ask anyone who has been unemployed for a significant length of time. Job searching is no longer easy. Learn to master the art of applying and interviewing for the best results. Internships are the best way to learn on the job.

Study Options for College Graduates

College graduates have many options to consider after graduation. The selection is a personal choice and is up to how the graduate feels. A graduate who needs a break may choose to travel abroad. A graduate who does not need to lose focus may choose to continue to post-secondary education. Whatever you choose, it will be a good idea to continue studying after graduating from college.

Matthew Nielson is an experienced lecturer at a reputable university in Brisbane, Australia. He also runs a service on campus to offer students advice on what to do after the undergraduate courses. Matthew has a number of degrees under his belt and recently began more study in which he determined that Kaplan provides one of the best online accounting courses available.


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