Prayers and condolences to the grieving families of Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

The author of this blog - Notepad Corner, sincerely commiserates to the grieving families of the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy in New Town Connecticut.

Being a mom, I could not imagine and describe the sheer terror when your child is caught in a place of violence, most especially in the school where you least expect harm done to your kids. It is really saddening and terrifying.  I may not be living near the place of the incident and know no-one from there but being a parent, I definitely could relate how painful it could be. Kids simply come to school to learn and what had transpired inside the school full of kids, teachers and staffs is indeed frightening and alarming. 

The shooting that left 28 dead including 20 kids between five and ten years old is not a normal human act.  The violent behavior that brought lost of innocent lives and traumatic experience to the other kids who survived will definitely not be forgotten easily.

To the innocent little angels, whose beautiful and bright future had been cruelly taken, to the principal and other school staffs that died in the shooting tragedy, may you find peace and eternal rest with our Creator. May you rest in peace. Amen.

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