Transforming your Home into a Secured and High Tech One

There is no other place on earth that you want to best secure other than your own home. No wonder during house scouting or relocation, on top of your list would be the availability of security personnel in the neighborhood. However, the scope of security doesn’t end outside. In fact, it should be tighter inside as this happens to be your resting haven. 

The presence of home security system has become a necessity these days especially if you have something appealing to the greedy burglar. Installing one may not be cheap, however, Connect Your Home was able to come up a great package being the official dealer of ADT Home monitoring system. The latter is considered to be one of the most formidably reliable security companies in the US. Connect Your Home got an affordable bundle thus you won’t need to spend that much amount to secure your entire household. You may visit for further details about Hardwired and Wireless Home Security Systems.

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Now that your house is secured, for sure you won’t mind making it a high tech one as well. Being high tech would mean having the latest home gadgets and appliances in town. How about that awesome Home DVR that you’ve been wanting for so long? Fortunately, Connect Your Home, the company that provided your home security system got a bundle for Home DVR as well. They happened to be the authorized retailer of DISH, a US satellite broadcaster. Just recently, they introduced the DISH Hopper, it is an HD DVR that has three satellite tuners that could accomodate three additional televisions inside your house to be have the same user TV interface. Isn’t it a great bundle to have? Learn more about DISH Hopper and Whole Home DVR Service by clicking

This is clear evidence that a house containing high technology gadgets and quality home security system can also be acquired by the majority of average earners.


  1. Hey great post on the Hopper!  I just got one a few months ago, and it
    has made finding, watching, and recording our favorites an absolute
    snap!  I can record up to 6 live HD programs at once, and a cool feature
    of the Whole Home DVR lets me see what every connected TV in the house
    is watching.  This is perfect for parents with DVR-savvy kids, and with
    over 2,000 hours of storage space, I can record all day and never put a
    dent in the DVR.  A DISH coworker got me excited about the Hopper, and
    it is the best DVR I've had yet!


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