Sleep: How Important is it really?

Sleep is absolutely critical to our physical and mental well-being. Without sufficient sleep, we may find it difficult to concentrate, struggle to perform easy tasks and become bad tempered. Sleeping is good for the immune systems, it provides our bodies with time and energy to heal and recuperate and it balances our hormones and keeps our brains functioning.

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Large numbers of people, however, suffer from sleep disorders. There are those who, even though they feel exhausted, find it difficult to fall off to sleep and there are those who wake up too early and are unable to go back to sleep. Due to the number of people suffering from sleep problems, there have been plenty of studies and help is at hand.

Sleep problems are often linked to other illnesses and diseases such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. What we eat and drink before bed as well as anxiety and worry can also be a factor.  

Sleeping Pills
Doctors can, of course, prescribe sleeping tablets, but due to the addictive nature of such drugs, they often prefer to attempt to track down the cause and treat that. To make sure that you are ready for a good night's sleep you should ensure that you do not eat any later than 8pm. Caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and some soft drinks will act as a stimulant and keep you awake. Believe it or not, alcohol can also have this effect.

Good bedroom furniture
Make sure you are comfortable and that your bedroom is calm. Neutral and calming colours will help you sleep better. A well-made and comfortable bed will help and it doesn't need to cost the earth. Cheapwhite bedroom furniture, which is comfortable, is more than adequate. Make sure you have a good mattress and comfortable pillows. Give some thought to the temperature of the room and ensure you have adequate covers, with a warm duvet in the winter and a thinner one in the summer. Open the window, as fresh air is great for sleep.

If you have any worries or concerns, these always seem a hundred times worse at night. Not worrying about things is easier said than done; we can't just sweep our worries under the rug, but there are a few tricks you could try. Try writing down your problems on a piece of paper before you go to bed. Give it some thought; is it a problem that you can do something to resolve, i.e., is it in your control or is it something that is out of your hands? If it is in your control, write down a list of the actions you will take to resolve the problem. If it is out of your hands, then this is, of course, more difficult. Many people find themselves lying awake at night worrying about world affairs and conflicts. Actively accept that these are problems that you cannot resolve. Alternatively, set aside time during the day to reflect on these concerns and make a decision not to worry about them at night.

A good night's sleep is really important. It is a worrying fact that those who regularly get less than six hours of sleep per night have a 70% chance of premature death. If your sleep patterns are regularly disrupted to the point where you find it difficult to function properly during the day, you should visit your GP. There is plenty of help available.


  1. Sleeps is what balances our system and having a regular dose of sleep can make us a lot healthier.

  2. Sleep is one of the great factor in our body's homeostasis. That's the reason why I make it a point to get sufficient (6 to 8 hours) of  sleep everyday.

  3. It is absolutely important. I am glad that I have enough sleep these days. 

  4. Sleeping is an essential activity that human must take at least 8 hours a day otherwise... we will find ourselves out of focus and can hardly work effectively and efficiently.

  5. I think I haven't had a good sleep since I became a blogger. :( I miss those days that I can sleep for as long as 12 hours.

  6. very timely for my current state. I need some sleep. Although we have a good bed and mattress, I think we really need to buy one. The kids are making it a trampoline!

  7. Sleep? I am reminded of its importance every time my eyes sting, and when I walk like a zombie during the day; it's been happening to me from time to time in the last couple of weeks. I need some discipline really.

  8.  I tried having no sleep for more than 24hrs and its made me really grumpy. Haha! My head is spinning. When I finally got the sleep, I slept for almost 18hrs. Haha!


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