What to Do When You Get Involved in a Motorbike Accident

Adrenaline, as we know, is a hormone produced in high-stress situations. Nevertheless, it seems as if many people were born with it flowing through their veins. The adrenaline rush is too strong that these people tend to develop love for adventure. Riding motorbikes is one of the things these people try, notwithstanding the fact that doing so is like toying with death. Indeed, that is how risky riding motorbikes can be, and unless you have a lawyer that can help you file for motorbike accident claims, then you would do well to stay away from motorbikes altogether.

my cousins in dirtbike ride

Road accidents, per se, don’t wholly zero in on motorbike-related incidents. Accidents on the road may involve cars, bicycles, trucks, and even pedestrians. This could mean that anything or anyone that traverse roads, highways, and freeways all contribute to road accident statistics. However, The Guardian reports that there were about 125deaths of motorcyclists and motorbike riders in 2011. That was the rate for every billion miles traveled – the highest for all road users.

What’s noteworthy is the fact that riders are not always the ones at fault. Majority of motorbike accidents can be attributed to various reasons including pitiable road conditions, bad weather, other vehicles (cars can get too close to a rider, causing the rider to fall off the bike), or other drivers (they could collide with a motorbike rider). While riders of motorbikes should be responsible enough to take to heart road safety tips, there are instances when they are at the losing end of the bargain. Now, if you had a motorbike, should this knowledge hold you back from riding? Apparently, it shouldn’t.

As mentioned in the get-go, you can get a lawyer who can help you get due compensation for any injuries you sustain. That’s why the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention for yourself and contact the police and any witnesses to gather as much information regarding the accident. Once the investigation is filed, see to it that you obtain estimates for repairs and any medical expenses the accident incurred. After which, you should seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer who knows the ins and outs of such circumstances.

Remember, it’s always better to follow safety tips. However, in cases of accidents where you become an unwilling victim, seeking legal help so you can file accident claims is the wisest course of action.


  1. It's always safe to follow rules and especially with motorcycles, which is more prone to accident.

  2. I fell off a motorbike once, and it wasn't pretty at all.  Riders should be extra careful when out on the road.  

  3. Motorbike accidents could be fatal (unfortunately most of the time). I lost an uncle and a cousin to motorbike accidents, I got thrown out of one in high school; and had another slight accident while touring a small island. I swear this new scar on my knee will be the last of its kind before I will have to involve lawyers and paperwork.

  4. My youngest brother had a motorcycle accident 2 years ago and lost his 4 upper front teeth. He promised that very day he'd not ride a motorcycle ever. I think he's one of those with flowing adrenaline because he's back on the road with his motorcycle. sigh.

  5. I am not actually cool with motorbikes as I feel that they are more prone to accidents than normal cars. 

  6. I grew riding on a motorcycle because it was my dad's main transportation  at work. Because of this I never feared riding on one. But it's true that how careful riders are there are really drivers on the rode who do not respect others. Nevertheless, I'm glad for all those years he rode on it he never had a major accident.

  7. I have a knotting tummy when talking about motorcycles...it's related to my dad, that's why. So I never have the guts to try riding one :/


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