Reasons why kids get stressed

Anyone regardless of age and gender can be affected by stress when overwhelmed.  Our kids can get stressed as much as we adults do. However, unlike in adults children cannot express their feelings well and are not aware that they are already going through it. We more often tend to overlook our kids’ anxiety and depression for we sometimes think that they are just being naughty or too sensitive.

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There are several reasons why kids get stressed and they show it in different ways.

  • Academic Pressure. We pressure them too much as we put them in tutoring classes for entire weekends even when they are actually doing well in school. They begin to show grouchiness and fear to get low grades during examinations. They also pressure themselves and tend to think that their best is not enough.  
  • Our desire to keep them busy that even without significant interest from the child, we enroll them in countless and structured extracurricular programs from sports to music. Instead of learning and making good, they just take it for granted.  
  • Trauma, for instance a death of a loved one most especially a family member with whom the kid is most close with.  
  • Siblings’ Rivalry and favoritism among children can cause a kid to suffer depression.  
  • Being Bullied at School, being left out of a group/peer pressure or not getting along well with teachers.  
  • Constant scolding and criticism can put a kid to suffer stress, showing more attention-seeking misbehavior.

Unusual frequent tantrums, being violent at times, strange behavior like suddenly being quiet and reserved, remarkable stubbornness and stomach upset due to enormous pressures are some of the symptoms which may tell us that something is wrong with our kids, thus. we need to help them deal with it accordingly to lessen their anxiety.

In my point of view, it is just normal that we desire to give our children that crucial edge that will enable them to do better than other kids later on in life, but doing it with proper motivation, encouragement and management to build their self-esteem and confidence not dismissing their feelings will greatly help a kid to cope up with stress and strains of everyday life.


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