Interesting facts that you should know about perfumes!

Perfume has been in use from times immemorial. Many historical evidences show that even centuries ago people loved to keep collection of fragrances. Although most perfumes of those times were extracted from natural sources, it was gradual research that helped in developing the present day perfumes. Now most perfumes are obtained from organic and inorganic compounds along with natural products.

Kings in earlier time used to gift each other with exotic perfume and it was considered to be the best item for gifting. In due course of time it became more prevalent among common people and now there is hardly anybody who does not have perfume at home. Some brands like yves saint laurent have produced exceptionally good perfumes that are able to leave people mesmerized as you walk past them. The power of perfume is rightly portrayed in the movie ‘Perfume’ in which the perfume maker can control the actions of a crowd by using few drops of his perfume.

Here is a list of facts that you should know about perfumes.

It acts differently on different skin types: It is interesting to know that the same quantity of perfume used on different people is effective to different degrees. The effectiveness and longevity of the scent depends on the skin type. People with dry skin have to use more perfume in comparison with those with moisturized skin. Perfume evaporates easily from dry skin and therefore it stays for lesser duration than on moisturized skin. Therefore it is advisable to use a moisturizer on skin before applying perfume to have greater effect and that too for longer period.

The fragrance pulsates with your pulse rate: Do you want to use your perfume in best possible way? It is to use the perfume where your capillaries are not deep under skin. Such areas in your body are your wrists, behind the ears, other side of the elbow and knees, inner sides of your ankles etc.  Using perfume in this way will help the perfume dissolve in the air in packets; with every pulse it gets stronger and then fades away, stronger again and again subside.

It evaporates if not used after opening the seal: Perfumes are made up of volatile material. So even if you leave the bottle sealed imperfectly, it is going to evaporate over time. For best results it is good to use the perfume regularly.

It helps in image building: The choice of your perfume determines what people think about you. For example people who use excessively strong perfumes are considered to be aggressive and desperate to make their presence felt. On the other hand people who use the same perfume regularly are considered to be disciplined and reliable.

Moreover, people think good about people who use perfume over those who do not smell good. It does affect you personal and professional life. Therefore it is essential to use perfume on a daily basis. There are many online stores where you will find all brands under one roof including cheap agent provocateur perfume. But make sure that you buy it from a trusted source.


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