Swift and easy way to find a baby name

When I’m bored and have a few minutes where I can’t think of anything else to do, I often look for cool new apps for my iPhone on the App Store. Recently, I had a look for some fashion apps for a friend of mine, who was also interested in thinking of baby names, as she’s currently pregnant. After finding a few apps she might like, I searched for ‘baby names’ and found this app from Bounty. Although it was about what to do while pregnant, I downloaded it anyway, and found it was a lot of fun. 

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As well as having plenty of useful tips about what to do during the various stages of pregnancy, the app also has plenty of fun features that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re a mother, mother-to-be, father or even someone who’s just thinking about becoming a parent. One that both my friend and I enjoyed is the feature where, by just shaking your phone, the app suggests a name at random. I found this one fun because my friend spent six weeks thinking of a baby name!

That feature alone made the app worth downloading, but it also had a number of cool fashion tips such as what maternity clothes to wear when pregnant in the winter, spring and summer, as well as what clothes you could wear after giving birth and trying to hide the weight you put on before conceiving. It was also great for health and fitness advice, which my friend found very useful.

I really like this app. It’s fun, informative and easy to use, plus whenever one of my friends is pregnant or talks to me about wanting to have a baby, I can show it to them before they download it to their phones. I never thought a baby app would be my thing, but having seen Bounty’s, I learnt about fashion, child care and even health.


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