Cleaning 101: Doing the laundry on a wet season

It has been raining for two weeks now, and washing clothes during this wet season is one of my dilemmas as clothes laundered take longer time to dry up.

I do the laundry only twice a week. Setting up a laundry day during the week will help us save on water and energy.  I find it very important to have not only one but three hampers, one for the whites and underwears, another for the colored ones and the third one for wet clothes that need immediate washing.

Here are some laundry tricks I do during the rainy season.

·         I wash the wet clothes immediately or within 24 hours in order for the clothes not to catch molds.
·         I maximize the use of the spin dry in order for the clothes to dry up faster and will not drip even if I will hang them indoors. I fold clothes properly before I put them into the dryer so they will not be too much wrinkled.
·         The use of the hangers and clips to separate clothes apart from each other when hanged on the clothesline, to make drying quicker.
·         A clothesline set up in the garage to hang the wet clothes, and another indoor clothesline and rack in one of our rooms inside the house.  I observed that clothes hanged inside the room dry up earlier than the ones hanged in an open air like in our garage due to warmer temperature inside.
·         Avail the service of the laundry shop for comforters, linens, bath towels and jackets.
·         Use a fabric conditioner on the final rinse which has an anti-bacterial action that prevents the growth of germs that causes malodor on clothes or what we usually call “amoy kulob”
·         Shake the clothes well after dry spinning to prevent creases and wrinkles before hanging them, this will save you time from ironing.
·         If on the second day, clothes are still wet, I make use of an electric fan to dry them up.

What about you, are you also experiencing the same predicament? What are your laundry tricks during the rainy season? I would love to hear and learn more from your suggestions.


  1. I can't stand the rain, mommy Joy! I miss sun-dried clothes. :( 

  2. lanudry tricks are almost the same, mommy Joy! :) My kids' clothes are the ones that catches molds, though. I think I have too wash them immediately. 

  3. yes, i suggest if  you cannot wash it on the same day, have it soaked in soap and water, molds are hard to take out when they stick on the clothes

  4. same here Mommy Trish, hindi ako makapag almerol hehe

  5. i used to do that with my old washing machine: i spin the dryer 2x + carefully fold the clothes so they won't need to be ironed that i have my new washer i simply sit back + relax while it gets the job done for me! ;)


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