Buying gifts ahead of the holidays

Being a mom is a 24/7 job. A mother referred to as the light of the house has a lot of duties and responsibilities to deal with and attend to. To keep a spic and span home while taking care of the children is not an easy task, not to mention that we are also the family accountant as we keep the family budget under control by making a monthly financial plan. I do make a list of allthe expected expenses such as utility bills, weekly groceries, gas expenses and more. I need to bring the family spending under control in order to make both ends meet and to save something for the rainy days.

The Christmas holidays are only three months away and I am starting to look and search for promos online, luckily there are plenty of websites that offer great deals and discounts like the Net Voucher Codes. Planning and buying gifts for the Christmas holidays ahead of time can guarantee that all of your family members will be able to receive a nice gift. Moreover I can spend my gift savings wisely as I can take advantage of the markdown prices.

The holiday season is also the time when our family buy new home fixtures and schedule a family holiday either on an out of town or an out of the country vacation as bonuses are given at this time of the year. Through finding discounts using online voucher codes we can get the most out of our budget, we can travel and at the same time make my Christmas tree look more alive with gifts not only for my sons and husband but for my parents, nieces and nephews as well. Ever since, I discovered the great savings I get by using discount codes. I more often than not take full advantage of using them.

Budgeting is much easier for me because I can buy more items at cut rate prices.


  1. It's more economical to buy gifts now as there are still no Christmas price increases plus you get to distribute the expenses, 

  2. Hubby and I are big fans of discount coupons and travel vouchers. In fact I just got 2 gift coupons this morning and used them to purchase gifts for Christmas. 

  3. I actually wrote about this in my blog last year. One great way to get things cheap for the holidays is to buy these a little bit at a time throughout the year. That way, you get to save more and not have to worry about fighting through the crowd during the Christmas rush.

  4. Oh yes, Christmas is almost near! It's great that I read your post, mommy Joy.  I should start making my Christmas shopping list now or at least, by September. :)

  5. good thing i'm not in the Philippines right now. no inaanaks to buy gifts for. haha!
    still, online shopping for the season is a great help. what with the traffic jams on the road and jampacked malls. i'd go for online shopping.

  6. I honestly tried this before. As early as october, I started buying gifts for my friends, relatives and inaanaks. Hehe. Yes, i got some savings from it, but when it was already christmas season, I have already completed the gifts. And I actually missed the christmas shopping, christmas rush, etc. haha!

  7. I'm always for coupons and discounts too! I get to try a lot of stuff too at times! 

  8. This is a very PRACTICAL idea.
    Being prepared ahead of time
     is better than cramming on 
    the last minute.

  9. I've tried those vouchers in the hope that i could save money and save myself from stress of going out to the malls and buy gifts for the holidays. Though sometimes, when I need a break, I do go out of my way.

  10. and, i am a self confessed sucker for discounts, i can go all the way to divisoria to look for bargains, haha. 
    and BER months means shopping for xmas thingies and gifts...need more doughs. argh!


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