Text Message as a Marketing Strategy

Nowadays almost everyone have their own cell phones. Some people own even 2 to 3 cell phones; even kids have their own cell phone. It’s no wonder why business minded people thought about a way on how they can maximize the use of their cell phones to their advantage. Since everyone has it, it will make business advertisements easier. Some businesses especially telecommunication companies use text messaging as their way to advertise their products as well as their promos. Other companies, be it big or small, can also use text messaging as a marketing strategy. So how would they do that?

First of all they have to obtain a 4 or 5 digit number from a certain telecommunication company, then from that they can start sending text messages containing ads or promotions to all the subscribers of a given telecommunication company, how would this benefit them? It’s simple, imagine how many people are using their cell phones every day and all those people will be able to see your advertisement. The more the people see your advertisement the better because you expand your market beyond your target group. If your target group is supposed to be adults, think about it even teen agers will be able to see your advertisement so your product will have a higher chance of gaining patronage. Text message also known as SMS or short message service also have the capability to send messages containing websites, and these messages can redirect the message to a particular web page once it is clicked by the viewer.

Companies can also use SMS to send notifications and announcements regarding projects or programs or events that they are going to host and conduct. SMS marketing is also used to introduce a product that is new to the consumers. Even real estates, beauty salons, auto shops, dentists and retail stores have a lot of opportunities by using the SMS as their medium in advertisement to get in touch with their target market.

To make the SMS advertisement an irresistible offer, some companies add discount codes on the SMS advertisement like 10% off on certain products or services. Some may think that in doing such they will not be able to earn profits from the advertisements, well at first the profits may be small but it will eventually gain more in the long run. In making SMS advertisements, advertisers must also consider using keywords about their product and these keywords should also be used in their websites, brochures and their other form of advertisements so as to increase the popularity of a product therefore increasing the chances of gaining more customers.

Remember also to give your customers the option to stop receiving SMS notifications from your company whenever they want to. That way the customer will have the feeling that they are more in control. SMS marketing can be costly; it will require quite a lot of money. It is also complicated, but there are also some companies that offer more affordable deals when it comes to SMSmarketing and advertising. 


  1. this is now the new booming industry nowadays

  2. Text message  marketing holds two main advantages over other forms of business advertising, and these two are convenience and price. There are times when a situation doesn’t require making a phone call, and it is in such a situation that text messaging shines through. It is one of the cheapest forms of communication, and this fact adds to its charm.


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