Electronic babysitter leads a kid into being a couch potato

In today’s world of high technology, a lot of electronic playing gadgets are out in the market and we usually buy them as a consolation or reward for our young ones for making good in school or keeping up a good behavior. Computers, video games, portable handheld gadgets like the psp or nintendos can be constructive teaching tools for the young children; however, we sometimes tend to forget that excessive use of these devices can lay the foundation for an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle to our kids. 

psp and nintendo ds


Many of us resort to plunking our kids in front of the electronic babysitter such as the television, computer and handheld game gadgets to buy us time to finish our daily house chores. Allowing them to spend most of their time with these low energy gadgets reduces aggressiveness and causes a kid into being a couch potato which is very unhealthy for their growing up years. These medias are generally good if put into good use.

Young children need physical activities to develop their muscles to build a stronger body and mind. We must keep them moving for them to cultivate mind creativity and develop a healthier body.

Setting a time limit in couch activities and letting them engage in fun physical leisure interest like playing jumping ropes, or swinging in the playground. By doing so, we also give them time to interact with their playmates that can enhance their socialization skills.  These activities tone the kids’ muscles and also tire them out so they can sleep soundly.

Focusing their attention on other creative pastime like drawing pictures, reading and building forts can keep their growing minds active. 

Children are great imitators, showing them your daily routine like exercising, cleaning up the house and more will encourage them to do the same. Teaching them their age appropriate tasks will not only make their bodies active but they will also learn how to be responsible. 


  1. This is all true. not only not healthy to young people but also to us adults...


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