Child protection policy on anti-bullying in schools

One of the reasons why a kid loses enthusiasm in going to school is because he is being bullied by a classmate or a schoolmate or even harassed by the teacher. Bullying is a habitual behavior which can include physical and verbal harassment which is done repeatedly towards particular victims.

Bullying is also one of the common problems in most schools nationwide, The Department of Education together with the civil society groups, teachers' groups, private and public school representatives, international agencies, and child protection advocates has launched the child protection policies and guidelines to safeguard and encourage less or moreover, zero tolerance on any act of child abuse, exploitation, violence, harassment, discrimination, bullying, and other forms of abuse in school

The policy will be implemented in all public and private elementary and high schools nationwide starting the schoolyear 2012-2013.. A Child protection committee composed of school officials, teachers, parents, students, and a community representative will be formed to attend to the problem on how to exercise disciplinary action and recommendations to prevent bullying and other forms of child abuse committed by adults including teachers, persons of authority and classmates. A code of conduct to be reviewed every three years will be added to the school’s policy to ensure child protection and safety.

Parents will now have fewer worries on bullies who intimidate and frighten their children as each school child now is protected under the new child protection policy.


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