Baby No More, Yahmir’s now on Grade 7

12 years has passed by so swiftly, my youngest son – Yahmir, is turning thirteen this August. The beginning of his teenage years and this school year he is entering the junior high school being a grade 7.

He has grown tall and big, having a shoe size of ten, and waistline of 32 inches. Twelve years ago he was born premature with only less than 6 pounds by weight and really very small. From the moment he was born he was very weak and sickly.  He undergone an operation at one month old due to bilateral hernia, from day 1 up to his 8th years of age he is a regular hospital patient, as if the hospital is already our second home. My husband, my eldest son JM and I really prayed so hard and gave our best effort to take care of him.  Thankfully, due to our strong faith in God and through the modern medical technology, he was able to survive. We were very happy that he was able to make it, the very reason why Yahmir is the apple of our eyes.

My baby is no longer a baby, as he looks like a young man in his high school uniform. As K-12 education system this school year 2012-2013 is already implemented, he will be studying high school for 6 years, 2 years for junior high school and another 4 years for senior high school. He will be one of the first batch to graduate under the K-12 system.

He is very excited today to meet his new classmates, his first day in his new school, wearing his new polo barong with the school pin, midnight blue long pants, black shoes with black socks and his new knapsack with 10 books and 12 notebooks, which is very heavy to carry yet he does not complain due to his excitement, lol. I am very sure that he will tell me lots of stories when he comes home this afternoon. By the way, we still availed of the school service to make sure of his safety.


  1. Any parents will just surprise when they found out that their baby is not baby anymore...just like what our neighbor said to me.....


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