A Fail-safe Gift for Mom

Mother’s day celebration in my opinion does not necessarily have to be celebrated on a one day basis only, because after all the years of sacrifices she endured in rearing us up, unconditional love, care, values and wisdom that mold us to become better persons, she naturally deserves a whole year tribute and praise. A fail-safe gift that she will surely and certainly appreciate is fashionable accessory items, such as earrings.  Jewelries are presents that most women wish to possess. These accessory items that she restrained herself from buying to prioritize her children’s need and to make both ends meet.

midi-crocheted hoop earrings     

midi-crocheted hoop earrings

An online jewelry outlet like boticca site suggests and tender distinctive earrings created by talented fashion accessories experts from around the globe. Their numerous fanciful collections will surely fit a Mom’s lifestyle, be a fashionista or just a simple and down-to-earth personality. Unique and all-time designer hoop earrings, silver drop earrings or stud earrings that can absolutely complement every woman’s outfit.

square crystal stud earrings

white opal swarovski crystal stud earrings

Giving her rare chic earrings seen on top celebrities like Fergie, Julia Roberts, Olivia Palermo, Jessie J and other famous personalities can make her more happier, a present meant to show and let her feel her importance in our lives. An exceptionally and uniquely designed earring is a meaningful gift for Mothers to always wear and treasure. Now is the best time to give her some of the life’s pleasures she had missed.


  1. Beautiful pairs or earrings. How I wish I still have my mom for gifts like these. 


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