Bridal Jewel, an Eternity Bond Pearl Necklace

Look perfectly good on the most important day of your life – your wedding! An Eternity Bond Pearl Necklace will create a debonair look that will absolutely match and go with your flawless bridal gown.

The necklace is 18 inches long and features an intricate white gold clasp
Freshwater Pearls are the brilliance gems that everyone loves!  They make the perfect gift showing admiration and love. They are given as a statement to prove originality due to their one-of-a-kind nature.  Being unique is a trait that these gems are known the most for, since they are the only ones created by a living creature. They have the ability to protect, provide luck and love for those that wear them with pride and confidence. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are just the beginning to a great trend that has been in the Fashion world for many generations with only more to come! It is fascinating to see all ages sporting them with a smile every time. The rare emphasis on this gem is slowly disappearing but they will always, without fail, be in high demand! 


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