8 Practical Uses of Notepads

Notepads are commonly seen lying around in home, schools and offices as it is considered one of the most basic daily supply. It may come in different designs, from simple to colorful themes to different sizes and forms. Notepads from Viking Direct (UK) comes in assorted and numerous patterns that will suit every writing need. There are different ways of binding these tablet of papers. Some are padded or adhesive bound, wirebound or what we call the spiral notebooks, sewn and ring bound or refillable punched writing pads which enables us to add extra fillers when needed. It may also be soft covered or hardback.

I love collecting notepads, I use them daily to remind me of my to do’s for the day.

My diary and organizer, where I write down important events and daily blogging tasks

This is one of my favorite notepad collection bought directly from Disneyland, USA

My mini notebook where I jot down important data and information, I  have this for  years now.

This is one of the piggy designed notepad collections of my husband

There are many practical uses of Notepads and listed here are some of its functions.

  1. For school use - composition notebooks are manufactured usually on a standard size where students write down their lectures and important subject notes and homeworks.
  2. Office use – pads are important for taking down business notes during meetings, for recording, inventory, accounting purposes and utilized as a backup for other important company data and figures.
  3. Notepads for promotional items to market a business – a personalized pad giveaway is a cheaper and effective way to endorse and market company products. One of the valuable strategies in Merchandise promotion is through giving away free writing pads to loyal clients and expected buyers. Most big firms buy them on ebay to get discounts for bulk purchase.
  4. Desktop pads – are often seen lying near a telephone to jot down on important calls.
  5. Personal use – pads are crucial for a stay-at-home like me, it is where I jot down my to do’s list for the day, shopping lists, memo ideas or reminder notes. Nifty notes that are pinned on a cork board to serve as a reminder.
  6. Playtime pads for kids – a way to let your kids keep busy during their idle time is to give them a pad and pencil where they can write, draw and color.
  7. Gift – if you are thinking of creating a personalize gift, make your own! notepads are best to work on, and will definitely fit your budget. A little creativity is only needed to make it look elegant.
  8. Writers notebook – a small, hand-held portable notebook are very useful to writers especially for journalists where they draft their articles.
Notepads are environment friendly supplies and can be recycled. For easier and smooth writing choose a pad with a good paper quality.


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