5 Key Elements of a Professional Resume’

A resume’ is a pronouncement of facts intended to emphasize exceptional qualifications that accentuates educational and work experiences, expertise, achievements and dynamism which establishes credentials that will convince a prospective employer. It is the first step towards getting an interview.

There 5 key elements of a Professional Resume’

  1. Length - A well-equipped and well presented professional resume should at least have the maximum length of two (2) pages, as most job recruiters are not interested in reading a resume' with multiple-pages. 
  2. Content - The content must only consist of the important details such as educational attainment with the highest level degree listed first, professional experience, list of training seminars and workshops attended.  Include volunteer work if there is any.
  3. Tone - State your achievements in concrete terms.  It must include job responsibilities, tasks expected and delivered.  Testimonials that you are a cut above the rest can be added for it will bring your resume’ standout, however make sure that it would be substantiated once the recruitment manager does a background check by calling the people in your references section. 
  4. Quality - The composition of a resume’ should be grammatically faultless. It is advisable to proofread it or better let somebody else proofread it for you, because, if it is not well-formed the recruiter will automatically be turned off most especially if you are applying for a higher position.
  5. Materials -  Paper must be clean and crisp. Never ever use colored or scented stationery.  Fonts must be readable and formal looking.  If a picture is attached, opt for the standard 2x2 or 1x1 picture taken from a photo booth or studio, do not crop pictures from your photo album.

Upon submitting a resume’ see to it also that you wear the proper business attire, aside from the document you are submitting, looks and over-all personality counts a lot.


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